Society for Communication Optimization and Transactional Analysis – Küchler und Nebez GbR
In 2008 we decided to work together and combine our expertise by founding a registered partnership under German civil law : Küchler und Nebez GbR.
Dr. phil. Jemal Nebez,

the Chief Partner, is an established author, being both a political scientist and an oriental scholar. He is also an official court interpreter for several Middle Eastern languages and an expert witness on questions concerning the Middle East.
Dr. phil. Hannelore Küchler

is Administrative Manager and has long years of experience as a freelance science journalist, teacher of English as a foreign language, and a communication consultant focused on Transactional Analysis.
We want to engage in as many activities as possible to publicise our approach to Kurdish culture and history. Apart from taking part in seminars and talks on current affairs, we are going to republish some of those books which were self-published in small numbers some time ago and are no longer available. By presenting them on this site, either as print products or e-publications, we hope they will reach a wider audience.